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"MISSING TRANSLATION" // AlPixel Games (2015)

Alpixel Games‘s "Missing Translation" is a puzzle game where the main character finds himself stuck in a strange village populated by weird inhabitants. The only way to return home is to solve all of the puzzle challenges that are scattered throughout the buildings. Meanwhile, the player can try to learn the game’s language and communicate with the villagers by drawing specific symbols.

The public interest in Missing Translation became evident first with the successful crowdfunding campaign that allowed it to be showcased at Madrid Games Week and second by becoming hóPLAY 2014‘s finalist for Best Creative Design and Best Sound while winning the award for Best Original Idea. In less than a month, Missing Translation got the Steam Greenlight and is now released on this platform for PC/Mac and Android devices, with both a Standard and Deluxe Editions.

Missing Translation Launch Trailer

Gustavo santos 1hmb7ow

Game Intro scene (male character)

Gustavo santos doodle 1

Town Level - early rough sketches

Gustavo santos buildings

Village Concept sketches // First Building

Gustavo santos maincharacter

Character Concept Sketches // Main Character (Male)

Gustavo santos character01

Character Concept Sketches // Villager

Gustavo santos character

Character Concept Sketches // Villager (Professor)

Gustavo santos architecture sketches

Town Building - First Version

Gustavo santos 1st archi mod

Town Building - Final Version

Gustavo santos village2 0

Level Design // Town

Gustavo santos r4 corridor

Level Design // School Corridor with female main character

Gustavo santos r4 hall

Level Design // School Hallway with female main character

Gustavo santos r0

Level Design // Puzzle Room with male main character

Gustavo santos credits

Both main characters End Game Credits Screens (Standard and Chinese Versions)